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Numberless Dreams participant William Del Rosario stars in Let My Typin' Let You See -- A TMP Original Music Video, "an original music video created with and starring non-speaking actors/multimodal communicators in the Express Yourself program."

Read "As Leaves to a Tree," written by Numberless Dreams instructor Laurie Clements Lambeth. This "Gatherer's Blog" entry was published in the Summer 2023 issue of Wordgathering. "Gatherer’s Blog" is an invited feature that provides emergent as well as seasoned writers with opportunities to reflect upon aspects of their own writing processes. Lambeth writes how Numberless Dreams "reawakened my [own] writing practice."

Numberless Dreams participant Rachel Kripke-Ludwig is featured in "Rachel Tells It All: Autism 101 Explained by an Autistic Self-Advocate." Video coming soon!

Listen to William share how he communicates and reads a poem of his experiences.

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