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Cofounder, Professor Stephen Kuusisto, who is blind, says, “No two people wish disabilities are alike. Numberless Dreams is designed to help each young person experience the joy of his, her, or their imagination. And it’s really good to be in a group of supportive people who understand the roads you’ve traveled.”

Participants in the Numberless Dreams program gathered together
The Workshop Experience


Numberless Dreams meets weekly via Zoom to share creative ideas and write together following exercises and prompts that lead to compelling poems, stories, and personal essays.


Participants will discover:


  • Conversations and instruction on the craft of writing, with examples from published writers 

  • Time to write in real time, based on prompts provided by the instructors

  • An opportunity to share work with colleagues

  • A supportive environment to provide respectful critique of others' work

  • A community of people sharing a love of writing


Program Length: 8 weeks (fall/winter/spring), 6 weeks (summer)


Numberless Dreams instructors are professional, published authors as well as members of the disability community, so you can be confident you will receive support and understanding while gaining knowledge and growing as a writer.



Georgia A. Popoff

YMCA of Central NY's Writers Voice

340 Montgomery Street

Syracuse, NY 13202

315.474.6851 ext. 380


What they're saying about the program...

Rishi Jena and his mom

"The workshop was very beneficial to understand different writing styles and use creative prompts to produce new works of imagination.  I am planning to further pursue a career in writing as a result of the workshop and other forms of inspiration."
—Rishi Jena, Numberless Dreams Student


"My son's writing went to a different level after attending the workshop where his use of language and different techniques flourished.  The peer discussions and positive feedback helped his self-esteem.”
    —Sherrie Banerjee, Rishi’s mother

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